Furniture production

Rich experience in furniture production and the design of interiors of various kinds (private, business, public) makes ZOMONT one of the leading companies in the field. ZOMONT furniture production programme uses a variety of highest quality materials – laminated chipboards, coloured and veneered MDF, aluminium, inox, quartz and solid surface working panels.

With the range of latest materials and technological processes, ZOMONT allows you to come up with the imaginative and rational solutions in the process of creating the interior of lasting aesthetical and functional values, in line with the highest European standards. Unlike the most producers of furniture who have only limited offer of standard elements, our production and technological capabilities allow for the production of elements of various dimensions, in full accordance to your requests and wishes.

Please announce or schedule a meeting when ordering Zomont Box System of elements, and our experts will be at your disposal for consultation and advice. Contact us by phone or email.