Laser edging

First time in Serbia: the famous German producer Homag’s machine for laser edging of laminated chipboards, only in Zomont! We are presenting the revolution in laminated chipboard furniture manufacture! What does the laser edging of laminated chipboard accomplish?


Near invisible joint line of ABS edge and laminated chipboard panel makes the final product look as if it was cast in one piece, much like MDF.


ABS edge adheres to the laminated chipboard panel in an ideal way, preventing moisture, bacteria, degluing of ABS edge and various other damages that the bad adhesion of ABS edge to the laminated chipboard panel might create. In this way, the most common problem of laminated chipboard furniture quality that is dressed up in ABS edge is resolved. As the ABS edge has surfaces that are exceptionally resistant to scratches and discolouring, by resolving these few manufacturing problems we arrive to the final product that is more resistant than any MDF, but aesthetically just as attractive and (with laser edging) more affordable.


  • Applicable on panel materials of various thicknesses (laminated chipboard, MDF, etc);
  • Adhesion without application or heating of glue;
  • Clean joints, homogenous union of ABS edge and panel with the near invisible joint lines;
  • Aesthetical advantage of ABS edge and panel joints;
  • exceptional cleanness and resistance, exceptional stability of joints in contact with water or moisture, resistance of joints to bacteria or unclean conditions, higher heat resistance of joints;
  • After laser edging, laminated chipboard panels represent a quality substitute for coloured MDF.
The laser edged joint of ABS edge and laminated chipboard. The classical edging of ABS edge and laminated chipboard.

The listed characteristics enable the usage of laminated chipboard panel materials even in areas where up until now they were avoided due to the aggressive environment conditions (water, moisture, steam, bacteria, etc): saunas, bathrooms, laboratories, pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, restaurants, etc.

Comparative table of classical and laser edging

  Conventional edging
ABS tape+ EVA glue
Laser edging
ABS tape + functional layer
Gluing force Up to 12 N/cm2 Over 40 N/cm2
Temperature resistance Up to 70oC Up to 140oC
Resistance to abrupt temperature change Bad Excellent
Moisture resistance Bad Excellent
Steam resistance Bad Excellent
Visibility of tape joint Clearly visible – in the degree depending on the colour Minimal (Zero Joint)
Bacteriological resistant of tape and panel joint Bad Excellent