Massive wood panels

Starting point is the wood…

Most of the work surfaces that are applied in the interior are made out of the modern composite materials that consist of fibres and minute wood particles of various qualities. We bring you back to the roots. We offer you the possibility of introducing a part of nature into your kitchen. Massive wood work panels are made out of the highest quality materials, combined with the surface protection based on natural oils and in accordance to the contemporary ecological way of life.

Length 4000 mm
Width 1220 mm
Thickness 19 – 26 – 32 – 42 mm
Wooden slate width 20 – 42 ± 2 mm
Moisture contents 10% ± 2%
Surface processing Grit 100 Gluing According to EN 204 – D3 Formaldehyde emission According to class E1 EN 717-2/94

Teak wood

Tropical wood of dark and rich texture, highly resistant to atmospheric conditions. Applied in production of elements in the interiors and exteriors whenever high resistance and durability is expected.


One of the most prestigious woods from Equatorial Africa, of dark texture and bronze to dark spectrum of colour. Applied in production of top quality furniture surfaces.


A wood well known for its unique brown and yellow wooden fibres. One of the most popular African woods, due to its exceptional decorative effect.