PARAPAN® represents an original panel material of massively homogenous structure based on acrylic polymer, with the shining surface of the highest quality. PARAPAN® – the new revolutionary standard in the field of the high-shine furniture elements and interiors that will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Conventional materials that are used for the furniture production usually have a thin protective layer in form of the veneer, laminate, foil, varnish or colour, which lose its quality and visual appeal over time. Homogenous structure throughout the material and high resistance to abrasions allow PARAPAN® elements to keep their characteristics and appearance unchanged even after many years of use.

Because of its characteristics, PARAPAN® became a required material for top quality interiors and furniture production.

Why chose PARAPAN®?

  • Top quality panel material of high-shine, double sided processing in high-shine
  • Homogenous structure throughout the material, available in 18 mm and 4 mm thickness
  • Absolutely resistant to water and moisture, applicable in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Anti-porous material, resistant to bacteria
  • Resistant to UV rays and fading
  • Elements can be made in dimensions agreed upon the customer request
  • Curved forms of fronts can be made (thermoforming)
  • Various processing of edges and handles integrated in the material
  • High stability of the surface, high firmness
  • Easy for processing, drilling of holes and openings for handles and hinges
  • Easy maintenance with non
  • abrasive cleaning products; any scratches can easily be repaired
  • Available in over 20 different colours, with more colours being added to the spectrum on regular bases.