Oreolite® is a modern composite material made of quartz particles of various grain size, quartz powder and high quality acrylic. Raw materials are mixed in various proportions. Depending on the surface colour and texture about 85% of the mixture is made of the natural material – quartz, 5% of the coloured pigments and 10% of the high quality acrylic without polyester (plastics).

In nature, granite contains approximately 30% of its hardest ingredient – quartz. The amount of the natural quartz in the Oreolite® panels guarantees the firmness and stability of surfaces, which allows you to use the Oreolite® working panels for cutting and preparation of food. At the same time, the natural silver ions which are contained in the Oreolite® Star Granit panels, when in contact with water, will destroy the bacteria even in their germinating stage, as proved by the certificates from Germany, USA and Japan. They are produced in the dimension 3050×1300 mm and their thickness can be 6, 11 and 39 mm (this thickness contains the recycled glass filling).

Why chose Oreolite®?

  • It contains 85% of quartz, the hardest part of granite
  • Absolute anti-porous quality
  • Exceptionally firm and durable
  • Resistant to stains and lime scale
  • Silver ions in the material destroy bacteria even in their germinating phase
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Safe in contact with food
  • Heat resistance up to 180 degrees C
  • UV rays resistant (stable colours)
  • Wide spectrum of colours (homogenous colouring)
  • Polished surface is resistant to scratches (knives stay sharp)
  • Basic layer is made of recycled glass (air-infused glass)
  • Material is 66% lighter than the natural stone of the same thickness
  • Basic layer accepts standard screws (easy installation)
  • No sub construction necessary; it can be installed as a standard surface
  • It does not contain polyester; it is not plastic.

With the production of these thin panels, a much lighter and more flexible panel than natural granite is made, which allows for easy manipulation and, among other advantages, the possibility of installation even where the static calculations do not support heavier materials. The panel surface of almost 4 m2 and thickness of 6 mm allows for the very fast installation of floors and walls, with the minimal occupation of space. This is extremely important in, for example, remodelling of hotel bathrooms: without removal of the ceramics, Oreolite® panels are placed over the existing flooring, at the same time raising the floor level up for only 6 mm. In the same way the walls can be done in a very short time.