In recent years the application of the so called SOLIDSURFACE materials expanded to the areas where special durability and stability of working surfaces are required.

German company SCHEER SURFACE SOLUTIONS GmbH, a long-time leader in development and production of the SOLIDSURFACE materials, created the Oreolan® product, thus opening a new chapter in the design and furnishing of residential, public and industrial spaces. Our second partner is German company REHAU with their SOLIDSURFACE product Rauvisio®.

Oreolan®/Rauvisio® material has all the advantages of wood and natural stone. Creative work with them results in some interesting solutions that conventional materials do not support.

Oreolan®/Rauvisio® represents a modern composite material made of the natural mineral aluminium trihydroxide (Al(OH3)>70%) and high quality acrylic without polyester, which is what most of the other world producers are using instead of acrylic. It is produced in panels with the dimensions of 2050×762 mm, 3680×762 mm to 4100×1250 mm, with thickness of 4, 6 and 11 mm.

Damages which are pertinent to laminate, marble and granite are practically irreparable. With Oreolan®/Rauvisio®, after the reparation of the possible damages, the appearance and the quality of the surface is the same as after the original installation. Oreolan®/Rauvisio® are processed with the wood machines and tools. Special thermo process allows for their configuration – bending in all directions. After processing, the joints of Oreolan®/Rauvisio® are invisible, and therefore it is possible to produce surfaces of unlimited length and different shapes in one piece.

The choice of Oreolan®/Rauvisio® sinks and water basins leave no joints after their installation into the working surface. This kind of production and installation makes Oreolan®/Rauvisio® one of the highest quality solutions in the sanitary and aesthetical respect.

Why choose Oreolan®/Rauvisio®?

  • Its anti-porous and homogenous structure (water-proof)
  • Resistance to acids and other chemicals
  • Unfriendly environment for the development of bacteria and fungus
  • UV rays resistance
  • Heat resistance up to 180 degrees C
  • Its antistatic and warm properties
  • Non-allergenic properties, both in people and animals
  • Hygienic and easy for maintenance
  • Highest stability of colours
  • Easily worked on with wood tools, and easily repaired if damaged
  • Can be designed and produced in 3D shapes
  • Can be combined with other materials, such as: wood, glass, metal, stone
  • Big spectrum of colours on offer, produced in cooperation with psychologers
  • Certificate of international ecological standards
  • Does not contain polyester, does not constitute plastic.

Following the world trends and innovations in the interior design and wishing to enrich its business offer, ZOMONT Company from Belgrade introduced Oreolan®/Rauvisio® into the local market. Architects and interior designers accepted this with great interest, so Oreolan®/Rauvisio® has found its place in many residential and public spaces within Serbia and the region.