Solidsurface maintanance

Daily maintanance

Oreolan®/Rauvisio® are easy to maintain. Just like all the other work surfaces it requires the usual cleaning. Food and drink remains are easily cleaned with the usual cleaning products in combination with the Scotch Brite sponge. Just rinse and wipe clean with the ordinary cloth.

Can Oreolan®/Rauvisio® be used as a food cutting surface?

Oreolan®/Rauvisio® is not meant to be a surface for food cutting. The knife will lose its sharpness and the surface will be scratched. Therefore, the use of the usual wooden, plastic or Oreolan®/Rauvisio® cutting board is recommended.

Can you place hot pots and pans on the Oreolan®/Rauvisio® surface?

NO! The reason is the fact that the pots and pans with double bottom (for example Zepter or AMC) have a temperature of over 400 degrees C immediately after being taken from the stove surface, and no standard working surface in use today allows for this without risk of damage. Also, the Oreolan®/Rauvisio® surfaces are not to be used as ironing boards. You should always use a protective surface with hot pots and pans!

Will the colour remain the same forever?

Yes. Oreolan®/Rauvisio® materials are of extremely stable colour which will remain the same over the years.

Can Oreolan®/Rauviso® be repaired if damaged?

Oreolan®/Rauvisio® is a homogenous, durable, firm and resistant material. The damages of laminate, marble and granite are irreparable. With Oreolan®/Rauvisio® all the damages can be repaired. After the reparation, Oreolan®/Rauvisio® are of the same appearance and quality as they were upon installation. Repairs are done by a qualified servicer.

What about stains and cigarette burns?

In the case of bigger stains, as well as cigarette burns, as an addition to the Scotch Brite sponge you can use a sand paper of fine granulation (220 degrees or more). Of course, the parts that have been heavily burned can not be eliminated with sand paper only, but will require the intervention of the servicer.

What about knife cuts and other scratches on Oreolan®/Rauvisio®?

If you damage the surface with a sharp object, scratches can be eliminated in the already explained way, with the sanding paper of fine granulation (180, 220 degrees or more). Afterwards, scrub the sanded area with Scotch Brite sponge or a cloth until its looks the same as the rest of the surface.

Oreolan®/Rauvisio® or hygiene?

The characteristics of Oreolan®/Rauvisio® make them the highest quality working surface materials in terms of hygiene. Laboratory tests proved that its anti-porous structure is unfriendly for the development of any bacteria or fungus. This sanitary quality makes it an ideal material for the application in health institutions as well as the food production facilities around the world, as you can be sure that you have made the right choice.

What else you should know to make sure Oreolan®/Rauvisio® always looks “like new”?

Even Oreolan®/Rauvisio® can be damaged if it is exposed to certain chemicals for a long time, such as are: acetone, thinner, diluents and aggressive cleaning products. These chemicals can’t damage Oreolan®/Rauvisio® if you don’t allow for their long-term presence on Oreolan®/Rauvisio®. Wipe the “stained” spot immediately with wet cloth!